Majestic 12 Headquarter

Set design (Décor) — 2020

For a semester (erasmus), I studied in England in a section called 'Design for Film and Television'.

For this project, called 'Classic Set Revamp', I decided to revamp the set of the Villa Arpel ('Mon Oncle' by Jacques Tati, 1958). Here, the Villa Arpel becomes the headquarters of the Majestic 12, the supposed secret group (based on a conspiracy theory) of scientists, military leaders and heads of state, founded in 1947 at the wish of President Truman. Their aim was to study signs of extraterrestrial activity and the possible presence of UFOs in our world. The headquarter is located in a military base in New Mexico, close to the area of the Roswell incident.

The plan and elevations were drawn by hand, the dimensions of the set were determined from screenshots of the film, and the plan was then modified according to the desired changes. The set was inspired by the industrial style of the mid-50s. The "meeting glass room" became the central element of the set. Creation of an official bucket for the Majestic 12 department. The logo was created using conventional references, but was also inspired by "crop circles", those "mysterious" giant geometric patterns created in cereal fields.