Perec’s Cabinet • Life, A User’s Manual

Exhibition — 2019

Objects from the French book « La Vie mode d’Emploi » (« Life, A User’s Manual ») by Georges Perec. This novel relates stories about the residents in a Parisian apartment building between 1875 and 1975.

The author speaks about the flats and all the objets within it with great meticulousness. By means of this book and all my graphic design skills I crafted « Georges Perec’s Cabinet ».

Composed of more than 80 various objects, boxes, stamps, stickers, books, signs and letters. The researches to create authentic objects without anachronism was as exciting as the time needed and the technical challenge involved to produce replicas.

Construction of a shelf based on the cross-section of the (fictional) building at 11 rue Simon-Crubellier in the book. The objects are then placed in their respective 'flats'. The goal was to take the spectator into the world of the novel, and to bring these fictional objects to life in reality. The objects that follow have all been made to measure, based on the author's descriptions, using a range of techniques including screen printing, binding, embossing, industrial embroidery and transfer printing.

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