Study of Poyaïs

Exhibition — 2021

The first chapter of "Study of Poyaïs" is based on a fictional iconography based on archive images and mixed with several authentic publications. This edition describes the territory of the Poyaïs, its borders, its fauna and flora... It also looks at the techniques and traditions of the Poppya people and the personalities who have studied this territory.

The second chapter of 'Study of Poyaïs' is hidden behind differents displays in which this fiction is presented. The back of the book box containing the main edition conceals a small collection of documents relating to the official history of Poyaïs. In 1822, Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish soldier, returned from Central America, declared that he had been named Cacique of Poyaïs. He offered land in this "heavenly, extraordinarily fertile" territory for sale to investors and settlers for more than ten years. Unfortunately, Poyais never existed.

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